Garry Yeatman

Website Developer


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Hi there, My name is Garry Yeatman and I am a website developer.

I grew up between Nelson and Christchurch. i have always been passionate about web technologies starting from the age of 10. I started my development life by programming websites in HTML. In my spare time I used to build car websites. I would re-create websites for car manufacturers. Unfortunately I don't have any of those examples left as it would be an interesting contrast to my work today. 

I'm currently a full-stack developer for ENGEO. I am working to develop new applications to make the jobs of people in our company easier. 

In my spare time I do freelance projects for clients. My recent work involves the VIP Property Management website and the Fashion Brazil project. I also enjoy socialising with my friends, going on road trips around. Usually to Hanmer Springs. I also enjoy photography. All the photos that feature on this website were taken by me. 

If you'd like to know more, get in contact. I am a fully trained barista and I can make the best coffee :)


Garry Yeatman